Start of training at EMPAC: Welcome aboard, our new talents!

In 2023, we are consistently continuing our mission against the ongoing shortage of skilled workers by being committed to training young talent. At EMPAC, we are very pleased to welcome Dominik Maininger and Kai Dömer to our team for their training.

Dominik Maininger is starting an exciting apprenticeship with us as an industrial clerk. In the coming years, he will gain deep insights into the multifaceted field of industrial management and develop his skills.

Kai Dömer, our second newcomer, will complete an apprenticeship as a plant and machine operator with us. As a budding specialist, he will be able to operate and monitor our state-of-the-art plant and machinery.

The entire management, our dedicated trainers and the motivated colleagues stand behind our apprentices. We share best wishes for an inspiring learning journey, abundant success and, above all, a fulfilling time during their apprenticeship.

Our apprenticeship initiative at EMPAC not only helps to overcome the shortage of skilled workers, but also to shape the professional future of young people. We are proud to guide our apprentices on their journey to reach their full potential and become knowledgeable experts in their chosen fields.

We are confident that our apprentices Dominik and Kai will make significant progress both personally and professionally in the years to come.