Product description

Big bags for food must be adapted to longer storage times and transport routes and at the same time must not affect the food they contain. For this reason, the primary packaging is subjected to organoleptic and microbiological tests, among other things, to prevent the contents from being affected. In addition, a filter is sealed into a special barrier film. After filling, the oxygen present can be removed via this filter and the product can be overlaid with an inert gas, such as nitrogen.

Goods packaged in this way have a much longer shelf life. This results in enormous economic advantages: Longer storage times become possible as well as the covering of further transport routes, which facilitates the development of new markets such as Asia, America and Africa. In addition, production planning can be simpler and more long-term, as larger lots can also be produced. This avoids less set-up time and reduces waste.


Flat Filter

Through a cooperation with our partner Somsix we can offer you a new Flat Filter.


  • Simple 90 degree rotation for opening and closing
  • Lid is secured and cannot be lost even when open
  • Oxygen measurement through membrane in the filter
    • No contact with the product
    • Less risk of contamination
    • Liner remains intact
  • Flat design
    • At least 25% more bags can be packed on a pallet, which increases transport volume and reduces outer packaging
    • Less risk of damage to the filter during packing, transport or handling
  • Soon: Sensores in the filter, which measure the residual oxygen content and temperature in the container, among other things, and provide direct digital feedback

Star filter

Of course, we still offer our proven star filter for your products for inerting.


Food, Chemistry

examples of use

  • Milk powder
  • Coffee
  • Nuts and other pulses
  • Cereals
  • Maize
  • Beans
  • Peas
  • Cocoa beans