Product descriptions

The product range includes liners with inlet and outlet connections, basic liners (sealed at the bottom, open at the top) and dimensionally stable liners with improved product flow thanks to sealed, low-particle grids. These liners can be produced as reinforced PE liners or as roll liners with a tear-off perforation. A sophisticated system ensures that the aluminium layer is not placed under stress, thus continuing to ensure a 100% barrier.

Liners are also produced with a fixing screw (cardboard). With regard to filling EPS (expanded polystyrene), EMPAC has also developed a special liner with a unique foil design which prevents gas leakage from the product, amongst other things.

Liners with side arms on inlet and outlet connections enable exposure-free filling and emptying (high containment).


Chemicals, food, pharmaceutical, disposal, plastics, vitamins, construction materials

Examples of use

  • Inner layer for big bags
  • Inner layer/lining for octabins and cardboard
  • Covering hood
  • Light protection
  • Dust protection