Our history.

  • 1980: EMPAC Verpackungs GmbH is founded
  • 1993: The company joins the NORDENIA Group
  • 1996: The production company STARPAC is founded in Starogard, Poland
  • 2012: The company leaves the NORDENIA Group as part of a management buyout –operations continue in the form of EMPAC GmbH with subsidiaries EMPAC Polska and EMPAC France
  • 2012- 2015: EMPAC France as a distribution company and EMPAC USA as a distribution partner
  • 2017: EMPAC is back in independent ownership for five years

A look back to the past.

EMPAC Polska 1997 following successful redevelopment.

EMPAC Polska employs around 130 people.

EMPAC has represented quality and innovation since its establishment.